Other Urological Cancers

In addition to prostate cancer, we also treat these other forms of cancer in men: bladder, kidney, and testicular.

Bladder Cancer

The Reality: 90% of bladder cancers are related to cigarette smoking.

What are the symptoms? If you’re fortunate, you will have blood in your urine as a warning. A small number of patients may have painful and/or increased frequency of urination.

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Kidney Cancer

The Reality: Kidney cancer accounts for 2% of all human cancers. If discovered early, survival rates range from 79-100% depending on the specific type.

What are the symptoms? You may experience pain in your side or abdomen, blood in your urine, or feel a distinct mass. You should give us a call if you do.

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Testicular Cancer

The Reality: A very uncommon form of cancer that mainly affects men between the ages of 20-34. 99% of the time it is curable if detected in the early stages. Men who have had an undescended testicle that was previously treated are at much higher risk of getting testicular cancer.

What you can do: Perform a regular self-exam while you’re in the shower (note: not more than once a month so you can detect subtle changes). Check for any noticeable changes in testicular shape or the presence of any distinctive lumps. Immediately contact us if you find anything irregular. For some reason, men tend to delay contacting a physician about a testicular problem. You can’t afford to wait.

Post-surgical concerns: Removal of a testicle does not reduce sexual potency.

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