Male Infertility

The Reality: Any condition that prohibits a male from producing or delivering properly-developed sperm to his female partner.

Infertility affects roughly 15% of all couples trying to have children. It is estimated that, half the time, it is due to a male-related reproductive condition. The most common causes of male infertility are inadequate sperm production and development.

What are the causes?: Vericose veins of the testicles are by far the most common cause of male infertility in the United States. Other causes, much more difficult to diagnose, include prior illnesses, hormonal deficiencies, previous surgeries, and previous trauma.

How do we treat it? We begin with a complete history and thorough physical examination. Frequently, our next step is to do an analysis of your semen. We encourage you to bring your female partner and to discuss your concerns and address your questions together.

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